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Thank the internet Gods, Blake is at it again: Popular sexy YouTuber AbsolutelyBlake (93,000 followers and counting!) is in Texas these days, where he took the time to take all his clothes off. Outside on a balcony. With a photo taken. And something about giving his booty a lick. Wait, what? Read on.

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AbsolutelyBlake Blake McPherson towel
Photo: Instagram

AbsolutelyBlake (who also runs by Blake McPherson out in the “real” world) is a Canadian YouTuber who often posts cheeky videos and crazy sex stories, and sometimes gets naked on Instagram.

This time, while in Texas, he did the best thing one could do in Texas – he got naked and recreated that famous Titanic scene. Well, sort of. There:

Do note the caption, though. ‘Comment “😛” to give my booty a lick ahahaha’. Well, now you have to, right?


And here’s some more:

OK, last one for now!