1. “It’s just a phase, it’ll pass”
Father, it's not just a phase!

“No dad, being straight was just a phase. Thankfully, I’m over it”.

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2. “So who’s the man and who’s the woman?”

Who's the man?

“Wow dad, I always meant to ask you and mom the same question”

3. “How can you be sure if you’ve never tried going out with a girl?”

Have you tried doing it with a man?
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“Have you ever tried going out with a guy? They say it’s never too late, and Mr. Robertson from your office has been giving you the looks”

4. “Look at how pretty these girls are”

Dad: Look how beautiful they are
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“Dad, it’s illegal for you to even look at them”

5. “But you’ve dated Pamela when you were younger!” –

But you've dated girls when you were young!
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“It was just a phase, it passed”.

6. “Don’t tell your mother, it’ll kill her”

It'll kill your mother!
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“That’s what MOM said about you when I told her 10 years ago”

7. “I don’t want this for you because your life will be more difficult”

"Your life would get difficult"

“Agreed. Plus, I’m skipping college, all those tests are just too difficult.”

8. “What if the neighbours find out?!”

What if the neighbours see you?

“You mean our poor neighbours who keep having to see you walking in your underwear in front of the open window?”

9. “Are you being safe?”

"Are you being safe?"
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“Too bad you didn’t ask my sister that, when she got pregnant last year”

10. “Now I will never have grand-kids”

"I'll never have grand-kids!"
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“Oh don’t worry, gay couples are raising kids all over these days. I just need $200,000 for the surrogacy procedures. Should I bring your wallet from the living room?”

11. “I always knew”

"I always knew!"
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“I always knew you knew, But I knew you knew that I knew that you knew, so I didn’t want to say anything either”

12. “But you don’t look like ‘them!’”

"You don't look like them"
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“That’s because you haven’t seen me in bed with my boyfriend yet, Dad”

13. “I have to know, is that Miley Cyrus girl a lesbian or not?”

"Is Miley Cyrus a lesbian or not?"
Photo: BigStock / Joe Seer

“Just a second, I’ll call our emergency secret Pink Phone and find out”.