When you’re a YouTuber who puts it all out there – including, sometimes, intimate photos – you run the risk of “fans” abusing these materials.

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Which is what happened to gay YouTuber Zachary Todd – when someone started sending his parents intimate photos of their naked son… “ramming things up my ass.”

Zachary Todd YouTuber
Photo: Instagram

Zachary Todd is a longtime YouTuber (he used to be known as Jake Stone, and recently deleted his older videos and started posting new ones under his real name), who often posts videos about his relationships, his body and his sex life.


But one follower took things way too far. “Several weeks ago”, he writes, “some stranger that watches me on the internet contacted my mom and started sending her graphic photos of me, and links to my YouTube videos.”

And it got worse.

“I guess people who watch my videos think that my family and friends don’t know that I would post about my life. But I’ve always been an open book and I don’t give a fuck. Everyone that knows me in my personal life knows that I’m very open on the internet about everything in my life.

I’m out hanging out with a friend, and my mom is texting me and sending me screenshots of this unknown person sending her all this stuff.

And this is not my mom’s first rodeo with people on the internet harassing her over me, this happened a lot, so she’s used to it… and supports me no matter what I do. But she always lets me know.”

But even that wasn’t the end: “Then it happened twice again – and they sent it to ALL my family members…”

Watch the full story right here:

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