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We all know what a “bad hair day” is – but is there such a thing as “bad bed day”, when your sheets are all over the place, because… Well, that’s what we were wondering when we saw popular model Zander Hodgson’s latest cheeky Instagram photo.

Zander Hodgson pillow bulge
Photo: Instagram

Zander Hodgson is a 27-year-old UK-born actor and model. Last year, he was featured in US drama Ray Donovan – and in a gay sex scene, no less.

Zander also has an impressive following on Instagram (currently with more than 83,000 fans), and no wonder, with his semi-naked spa days, and his impressive bulge shots.

Well, good news – Zander’s in his underwear again, but the focus this time is on his bed sheets. “I must have been doing acrobatics in bed the way the sheets are this morning”, he wrote in the caption to his latest photo.

Naturally, his fans were curious to know what type of acrobatics he did in bed, exactly, for it to end up like this.

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And while you’re wondering the same thing, you might as well enjoy a few more of his recent photos:

Another underwear shot:

We’ll keep watching…