Zac Efron’s kissing scene with Dwayne Johnson (“The Rock”) in the recent Baywatch movie is still on his mind, apparently.

“It was amazing”, Zac says about it in a new video interview. And the kicker? He wants to “finish what he started” with The Rock…

Zac Efron baywatch
Zac Efron on Baywatch

The rebooted Baywatch comedy was about two lifeguards – Zac and Dwayne. It included some raunchy moments for Zac, including one where he handled a [dead] man’s penis, AND an underwater kiss with The Rock.

Back in May, when asked about that kiss, Zac admitted that “kissing a dude is weird at first, but he was a bit like a “Winter Fresh” commercial, like cherry chap stick. It was like, ‘He’s good at that too?!’”

Now, in a “73 Questions” video interview for Vogue, Zac was asked about that kiss again… and he only had good things to say about it.

[The kiss was] Absolutely amazing. He’s perfect. It was amazing.

Then, Zac was asked who he would love to do a love scene with. His answer? You guessed it…

The Rock. Finish what we started.

Hey, we would watch that scene in a heartbeat…

Watch the full interview right here: