These days it sometimes feels like the internet was only invented for celebrities to have their nude photos and sex videos leaked online. Zac Efron might become the next victim, as hackers release nude photos from his Ex’s phone – was he on that phone as well?

Zac Efron on the Baywatch teaser

Last week, hackers released leaked photos of several Hollywood actresses. One of the victims, according to Elite Daily, was Sami Miro – Zac Efron’s ex girlfriend. The two dated two years, and broke up last April.

The leaked photos showed Sami in various states of undress, and are believed to be from her phone. If Zac’s nude photos were also present on the phone at some point, there’s a possibility he might be next. Some rumours even suggest there’s a sex tape that might be part of the leak.

While the hackers don’t usually post photos of men, men show up when they’re in the same photos as the women.

And while only the hackers are to blame, it’s still a good idea to keep in mind that these days, your photos are never quite safe – so be careful what you film and keep on your phone…

And in other, more positive Zac Efron news – there’s a new trailer for his Baywatch movie coming this Wednesday. We’ll be on the lookout…