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Let’s face it – YouTubers do some weird stuff these days. But hey – when they’re hot like AbsolutelyBlake – we don’t complain. Especially when the final result is a bootie pic on top of a 68-story building.

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AbsloutleyBlake naked on skyscraper

AbsolutelyBlake, in case you need a refresher, is a popular YouTuber (184,000 followers and counting!) who keeps us entertained by doing things like getting naked in the snowshowing us his big wood in the forest, or playing Semi-Naked Paint Twister with his sexy buddy.


This time, Blake decided to get naked again – but why get naked in a building, when you can get naked ON TOP of a building? And a skyscraper at that…

We’ll show you the behind-the-scenes video in a moment, but first, you probably want to see the end result. Well, enjoy:


Now, if you want to see how this was actually done, in Toronto, you can watch the making-of video.

A word of warning, though – if you’re scared of heights, this is a scary watch!

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