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Sam Callahan, the 23-year-old British singer and star of the UK’s X-Factor, was on the cover of Gay Times twice (and naked in one of them), he keeps posting semi-naked photos on Instagram, he’s good looking, he shaved his abs… why would anyone think he’s gay?

Well, according to him, EVERYONE thinks he’s gay. But in a new interview, he finally answers the ultimate question – Did he ever kiss a boy?

Sam Callahan shirtless
Photo: Instagram

Sam Callahan used to work as a barman in Essex before becoming a reality star and a singer.

He has more than 140,000 followers on Instagram, where he regularly posts raunchy photos, and – as is the norm these days – he recently had a leaked video showing him “pleasuring himself” spread around the internet.

This week, he was interviewed by Andy West (himself a reality TV star, who was in the UK version of Big Brother). West, a gay man himself, did not hesitate to ask the important question on all our minds.

“I’m pretty sure everyone thinks I’m gay. I was front cover of gay times twice. After that it just went [POOF].”

“Have you ever kissed a boy?”, Andy then asks point-blank. And the answer is… “No.”

“Have you ever held hands with a boy?”, comes the follow-up question. “Probably with my brother on a roller coaster.”

Watch the full video right here, where Sam also talks about his feud with Gary Barlow, and lifts his shirt up so we can enjoy his magnificent abs:

h/t: GuysLikeU