Finding out your boyfriend cheated on you is never east. But actually seeing it in real time, is really gut-wrenching. Which is exactly what happened to this guy on Reddit, who stumbled onto every graphic detail after a 5-year relationship.

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“I’m watching proof of my boyfriend cheating real time”, he wrote. And went on to explain:

We have a shared tablet that’s kept on most of the time for Netflix or checking recipes from the kitchen. He was out with friends last night, I didn’t ask, and stayed in and went to bed early.

In the morning I’m using the computer to check my email and his Google credentials are logged in and his Gchat icon is active.

He’s at work now likely using it from his phone. He’s now actively chatting with a man he’s been fucking for at least 2 weeks now, except they’re killing time by going into graphic detail about their last hookup which was apparently last night.

The messages are still rolling in, and he doesn’t get off work until 7 tonight. 5 years together.

Last relationship ended from being cheated on too. fool_me_twice.exe

After leaving the house and checking into an AirBNB (“I lied and said I was a friend’s place”), the guy decided it was time to end things.

He took a week to think things over, ended up back in the apartment, and eventually came back with an update:

“I tried to approach this as clinically as I could since I already knew my answer, the relationship was over.

I took at least 20 screenshots of the chatlog, mostly for emphasis, attached them to a word document along with a copy of our lease where the front office highlighted where he will need to sign and date to end the lease.

Before he got home last night, I had already packed 3 suitcases worth of essentials to move in to the new unit, and planned for a moving truck to come Saturday. I stored these in the closet overnight. My office already knew I would be coming in late this morning.

This morning, I got dressed as usual while he was showering and sat down on a kitchen table chair with my bags. It took a lot to maintain my composure, I was too nervous to be sad then, but I know I looked visibly anxious.

When he finally came in, I tried to make it as cut-and-dry as possible.

1). I know about the guy you’ve been fucking around with

2). Here is the proof

3). It’s bullshit that you had to force my hand on this, but it’s over. Period.

4). Here’s where to sign to get out of the lease

5). When you come home tonight I won’t be here.

And I left. He half-heartedly followed me to the door trying to get me to “talk about this”, but I kept walking, closed it, and took an Uber to my new room.

I still feel a lot of shame. The recognition that somehow I wasn’t able to either maintain this relationship or be the type of person he would want to stay with.

Until then, my desire to get back into a relationship is gone. In a way, it’s calming. But this is still just Day 1.”

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