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Usually it’s the other way around – we hear stories about “straight” men who were “happily” married, then cheated on their wives with a man.

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Well, turns out the reverse can happen as well, which is what happened to this guy on Reddit, whose husband of five years cheated on him – with their female dog-sitter.

Two men and a woman bisexual

“I’ve been married to my husband for five years, happily, or so I thought”, the man writes. “We adopted our dog Luna three years ago and all was good until she got this severe skin infection that required constant care so we hired our neighbors daughter to take care of Luna.”

All was well for a while – until things got very confusing…

“Three days ago, I was at work and my husband was at home because of the flu. I decided to call my husband to remind him to give Luna her medicine.

I called him and he picked up the phone accidentally and before I said hello I heard him talking to a woman I instantly recognized as our dog-sitter.

She said that she wasn’t sure she wanted to have sex with him because she felt bad about doing that to me. Then my husband responded “Don’t worry he won’t be here for a couple of hours.”

I instantly hung up and started crying for five minutes till I asked my boss if I could go home for an emergency. He let me go and I rushed home, parked my car a block away from my house and just ran there.

My door was unlocked and the first thing I heard was moaning coming from my bedroom and the two of them were fucking while my dog was yelping in pain.

I remember me kicking the dog-sitter out of my house and then yelling at my husband before I blacked out.

I woke up three hours later in my bed with my husband watching me in a chair besides the bed, he was crying and saying that he was sorry, that she seduced him and other bullshit I can’t even remember.

I kicked him out of the house (he is staying at his friends house) and I’m here with Luna. I have been extremely depressed these past few days and he has been sending flowers with “I’m sorry” notes on them…

I don’t know what to do, I love him but he cheated on me. Should I take him back? Should I leave with Luna?”

The guy eventually returned with an update: he spoke with his husband on the phone, and they agreed to meet at a local coffee shop, where he planned to ask his husband for a divorce. It didn’t quite go as expected:

“We met up at the local Starbucks, we bought coffee and talked for two hours or so.

Basically he kept apologizing for what he did, he told me that he loved me and that he couldn’t live without me.

I asked him about his bisexuality but he told me that he wasn’t bisexual and that he was just curious about women… I obviously got very pissed and asked him why he didn’t tell me of his bicuriousness.

He said that he didn’t tell me because he thought he was never going to cheat on me.

He said that he wanted to start over with our relationship, but I told him that I wanted a divorce.

He started bawling his eyes out and said “please don’t leave me, I’m nothing without you” or “I’m worthless” , “I am a piece of shit”.

30 minutes later he calmed down and I had to leave to work so I left him crying on the table, but I told him I’ll talk to him tomorrow.

Right now my biggest concern is him self harming, I haven’t seen him this low since forever, now I kinda feel like a piece of shit for leaving him.”