We like Davey Wavey over here at GayBuzzer – he’s fun, he does what he wants, and yeah, he’s sexy. But some people dislike him, and one in particular took it upon himself to call Davey “A Slut” on grindr. So Davey got mad – and made a video about it.

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Davey Wavey angry
Photo: YouTube

“I’m Davey Wavey, and apparently I’m a slut”, starts his rant on YouTube. “And I know that I’m a slut because someone messaged me about it on grindr.”

And that’s what that person wrote:

Davey Wavey slut on grindr
Photo: YouTube

“Yes, I enjoy sex”, Davey continues. “Maybe you do too. I enjoy having sex with multiple partners. And if doing that makes me a slut – so be it. But the word has a negative connotation, and me owning my body and doing what I want to do doesn’t feel negative at all… And because it scares you, when people own their sexuality, you call them a slut.”

Watch the full video right here:

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