Aidan Faminoff is a talented, openly gay medal-winning diver and a university student – but, yes, he’s also extremely hot. And almost naked, and wet, in his latest photo. Where he also quotes part of a famous meme, saying… he’s not a toy.

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Aidan Faminoff gay diver
Photo: Instagram

Aidan Faminoff, who was born in Canada, is majoring in International Affairs at Florida State University, where he is also a diver on the school’s team. Last year, he came out publicly in an interview.

We know you want to see the photo – so let’s dive right in.

The full original text says –

I’ll make it clear: I’m not a toy. My feelings are not your playground and my life is not your game.

Naturally, Aidan’s many fans were quick to comment about things like “Boytoy”, wanting him to be their “Ken Doll”, and of course – this year’s Eurovision winner.

But we’re here for the photos.

And there are plenty of good ones.

But we’ll stop here before we forget ALL our weekend plans.

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