We often publish questions and stories of men and their “experimental” straight buddies. But sometimes, even if the sex is great – these incidents end badly. Several gay men on Reddit were willing to share some of those memories.

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1. On and Off And On again

Gay Couple spooning

This happened to me when I was 16. “Straight” boy, who was my friend, came on to me sexually one time when we were alone at his house, which is where we always hung out. He was 17 at the time.

So I accepted his advances of course and we fooled around a little but then he stopped suddenly in the middle of it all. He didn’t talk to me for months after that. God I was crushed! Straight boy stole my heart and got me worked up and left me hanging and disappeared. 

Then he was drunk with his high school friend (a girl) and apparently told her that he couldn’t take not talking to me anymore. So she contacted me for him and asked me to meet up with him to talk. So I did. Mind you, I was driving 1.5 hours each way to get to his house. He told me he was confused but wanted me in his life.

A few months after that we ended up dating for like 3 weeks, but on the last weekend I slept over as his “friend” and he tried to get me to have anal sex with him. I wasn’t ready for that with ANYONE and I told him no.

I left that Sunday and he disappeared again but this time for about two or three weeks. I finally got him on the landline phone at his house and he told me a bunch of hateful anti-gay stuff and attacked me verbally. That was the end of our friendship/relationship. We’ve not spoken since.

2. I think I’m in love with you

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This happens not only with guys experimenting sexually, but also romantically. A friend I had a lot in common with ended up falling for me, stopped talking to me telling me he couldn’t be my friend anymore, then apologized and became friends again.

Then he got drunk at a concert and told me he loved me and that’s why he had stopped talking to me.

We dated for a month, and like a week ago decided he didn’t want to do it anymore and told me he was just “experimenting”. It’s the worst thing that’s happened to me.

3. No Knight in Shining Armor

Men Kissing

Sex with straight crushes only leads to misery. The thing is, when it does happen, you’re rejoiced. I know I did my best to please him in every way. The problem happens when he goes berserk after the deed, like he sacrificed his manhood and he no longer knows who he is. it ruins the image of the guy you swoon over.

The guy you sleep with isn’t going to do a 180, come out as gay and be your knight in shining armor. Instead he’ll cross you as a mistake, probably never want to speak to you again and you’re left crying your eyes out.

I had to stop being immature and realize there are gay men worth fighting for instead of wishing for something that will never happen.

4. It Hurts

couple in bed angry - because I wanted to top

It sucks when your crush is straight… PURE. MENTAL. TORTURE. Especially if you actually fell in love with him. I’ll never make that mistake again.

5. Not Just Bi-curious

Two men angry in bed

This doesn’t just happen to bi-curious straight guys. It also happens to gay guys the first time they have sex. 

I’ve heard countless stories about guys having sex with virgins, dealing with meltdowns after, being called all kinds of names… and then six months later the former virgin is running around taking a different dick every night.

Curious “straight” boys should never attempt more than a massage and hand-job their first time. And if it’s from a sex worker getting paid for massage-and-hand-job (“two bits”), all the better. They expect to get thrown out after.

6. The Other Side

Bisexual men and one woman

I’ve been in love with several of my straight friends in the past, but it never comes to anything. They never ‘convert’ unless they are true closet cases, but I suspect that is rare.

Put it another way. Imagine a female friend has feelings for you and spends years trying to woo you. Maybe one day she gets it right using the perfect setting and some alcohol, and you have sex.

You’ll probably/maybe get off, but honestly, are you going to settle down with her after that? There is nothing there. Of course she’ll be devastated because she’ll think she’s won her long battle, but it’s a once off occurrence and it means less than nothing. 

7. It Sparkles

To sum up: This is like Twilight. You could bite someone and try to convert him to your side. Biting somebody has its consequences. You have to be responsible enough to decide whether it’s appropriate or worth biting or not.

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