Even (or especially) when the sex is great, some men get very tired right after they’re done. But is it OK to get SO TIRED, that you just… fall asleep on top of your partner?

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Man sleeping on top of bed

That’s what happened to this guy on Reddit, whose partner started napping once he came.

“I was with a guy last night, he’s kind of a fit/buff jock body type. I’m lean, swimmers build. The sex was great. He was on top and everything was going good until he came.

He instantly groaned and just kind of stopped supporting his body weight. He just laid down… the problem is I was under him and he didn’t pull out. He just started napping.

So I had this guy collapse on top of me and inside me who was just sleeping. He was too heavy for me to move and I think he was purposely holding down his weight so he could stay inside me.

I just learned to live with it for a few hours because he’s really cute. But he apologized when he woke up.

I just found it weird that he just fell asleep immediately after. Does that happen often with guys? Or is he lying?”

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