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People have all sorts of issues and problems during sex. But one guy on Reddit has a unique problem – when he bottoms, it makes him so calm, that he gets… sleepy.

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“So I’ve been sexually active for a few years now”, he starts. “By active, I mean like once or twice a week minimum. This hasn’t been a recent thing I’ve started to feel but I have finally noticed it.”

And then he explains the problem:

While being fucked (bottoming), the feeling of being pounded makes me sleepy. It sort of relaxes me, I guess, if that makes sense?

When I do the fucking (top), I don’t necessarily get sleepy but I feel that if I don’t pay attention to my partner and just hump , the rhythm of humping, just knocks me out.

I’m not tired when I’m intimate and most of the times, if not all, I’m in the mood. So what should I do? Does this happen to anyone else?

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