It’s no secret that KJ Apa, the hot star of Riverdale, has a sexy-ripped-body. And it’s no secret that a six-pack like that takes a lot of work.

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So this week, KJ gave us a glimpse of the things he does for that body – and that video is basically workout porn for his fans.

KJ Apa workout in the sun

The 24-years-old KJ Apa has given us a lot of skin through the years – from his nude scene, to his bromance with Cole Sprouse, and the list goes on.

KJ Apa riverdale lockerroom
KJ Apa on Riverdale [Photo: The CW]
This time, it’s sweaty Apa time – as the hottie was doing some workout “under the thick sun” with his pal Alex.

Don’t stop with the weights – wait until the end, because we also get some hot push-ups, where you also get to see his unique tattoos that are usually covered in makeup.

Yep, we’ll always have the hots for KJ.