Don’t you love it when stars get naked just for you, the fans? That’s exactly what “Take That” star Robbie Williams did in an Instagram video. There was also a cake involved.

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Robbie Williams naked with cake
Photo: Instagram

It all started with a “dare” video, posted last week on Ayda Field Williams’ (Robbie’s wife) Instagram account. In the video the two ask their fans to pick a superpower – invisibility, or the power to eat as much cake as you want without getting fat.

Watch the first video here:

It appears the super-cake power had won by a landslide, but Robbie got things mixed up a bit, which led to the second video – involving Robbie, a floating cake, and Robbie’s “bollocks hanging out”.

Watch the second video here:

That’s like having Robbie’s cake and eating it too! Or something…