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June 27th is the national HIV testing day in the U.S., where folks are encouraged to get tested – even at home – for HIV. To honor that day, Davey Wavey has decided to take the test live, on camera, and post it on his YouTube channel. But what about the results?

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Davey Wavey HIV test
Photo: YouTube

Davey is using the OraQuick in-home test kit, which is done orally with a mouth swab, and doesn’t require a needle. Gay men who have regular sex with different men, should get tested every 3-6 months, as Davey reminds us. And it’s a lot easier when the test is done at home.

So Davey performs the test on himself (which he does every 3 months), while explaining the process and answering some frequent question.

The results are ready after 20 minutes, and Davey has a very firm thing to say about them… Watch right here:

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