It’s safe to assume our boyfriends have had a sex life before they’ve met us. For some, it was mild, for others – it included fourways, apparently (as in a threesome with one extra person).

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But what do you do when your boyfriend keeps rubbing your face in it?

Two angry men

“When I met my boyfriend he mentioned that he had a fourway before. Which at the time I didn’t really care”, explains this guy on Reddit. Not only was he hoping to forget about it – he also didn’t know who that fourway was with.

But then, after they’ve been dating for about a month, things have changed.

At the New Year’s Eve party he says it aloud in front of everyone and points out who he had the fourway with. I’m used to him being outspoken, but this crossed the line for me.

It turns out it was with his current female roommate and very close female friend (he says he’s 100% gay). Anyways I quietly slipped out of the room and bawled my eyes out (because of the liquor I’m assuming).

I feel that he made me look stupid because I was starting to like his friends and have hung out with them. Now I can’t look at them the same. It just makes me so angry to think about it.

And even more angry when I confronted him about it, all he said was “it’s in the past, I won’t ever do it again, it was in the heat of the moment, I can’t control what I say, I’m outspoken”.

What should I do?