Now that’s something you don’t see every day with big TV stars. Tyler Posey, the 25-year-old actor mostly known for his role on MTV’s Teen Wolf, was stripped down to almost nothing, and was then whipped, with an actual whip, by a Dominatrix. And it was all caught on tape.

Tyler Posey naked
Photo: MTV / tumblr

These fun times were part of a game on The Jason Ellis Radio Show, which, despite it being a radio show, was also filmed. The game, called “Sting Pong”, involves playing Ping Pong, with the loser having to endure a painful punishment.

And so, Tyler lost – so as part of his punishment, he was whipped, front and back, and, well, they lowered his pants so they could wax his ass:

And if that wasn’t enough – he also had his armpits waxed, while meowing like a cat:

And if that’s somehow not enough for you, there was also some wrestling:

We’re truly and utterly speechless. But in a good way.

h/t: Gay Times