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The gay community is varied – some look for casual hookups, some look for serious relationships, and some – it would seem – just can’t find themselves in the middle of all that.

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One guy came to Reddit with an angry rant – being gay himself, he’s sick and tired of what he’s seeing in the gay community.

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“Not to sound like a jerk as I am gay myself”, he starts off, “But what is the issue with the majority of gay men? I find them nearly impossible to be friends with or to have relationships with.”

And he explains:

The majority of them are superficial and will only give you the time of day if you are a 20 on a scale of 1-10 as far as looks with washboard abs and top notch clothing…

They have no morals and want to just sleep around, the idea of a relationship is like a foreign concept, they love drama, they’re sassy or they fall into dumb categories such as “the little twink” who’s essentially a male diva or “the masc jock bro” who’s a complete jerk to everyone to show off for his straight buds.

It seems like many of them (not all) act the way they do not because that is necessarily who they are, but because they feel they have to “play the part” to fit in…

So they go along with the crowd and begin gay club hopping on weekends and watching drag and stuff because they’ve been conditioned to think they need to go along with it even if that’s not how they previously used to act. 

It’s just ironic that as gays who demand so much respect from straight people can’t even seem to accept themselves or other gay people.

Even when you get the occasional person that does give you the time of day, they usually turn out to be a flake and you all of a sudden will just stop hearing from them one day, like they have no concept of respect or how to act.

It’s like they get what they want and they move on to the next or they don’t get what they want and they just vanish. I don’t know if that’s a generational thing or a gay thing or maybe both.

I just feel the majority of the LGBT community needs a reality check.

Some commenters were quick to agree, while others pointed out the different sides:

  • Well, you can definitely find that clique of gay guys, but then there are gay people all over the place who act calm and ‘normal’. I removed myself from the scene in my early 20s and found lots of gay people who weren’t trying to prove anything to anyone, cause they were comfortable with themselves.
  • I met my good gay friends through a flakey social butterfly I went on a couple dates with. He knew everyone around town and invited me to a couple house parties were I met a relatively grounded crowd
  • I’m just a normal guy who wants to chill with friends and have a good time. I do see where you’re coming from though. That’s why I tend to avoid the scene. Too flamboyant for me.
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