Trying new things during sex can be exciting, strange, and sometimes… messy – when you’re not doing it right, as this confession on Reddit proves, of a blowjob going horribly wrong at the end.

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Man eating a banana blindfolded

“I’m not entirely sure where I got the idea from”, starts the admission, “But years ago I know I had heard or read somewhere that if you deep throat when they are about to cum that it goes straight down your throat and you don’t taste it.”

Sounds logical enough. So, why not try it? Well, because then this might happen:

The other day while sucking my boyfriend’s dick, I figured I’d try it. But instead of going straight down my throat, somehow it ended up coming out of my nose.

I had my boyfriend tied up and blindfolded, so he didn’t see what was going on, and I (being the idiot I am) plugged my nose instead of letting it drip out of my nose. It stung so bad and my nose ran for hours. All day I felt like I had jizz dripping out of my nostrils.