A day that started with a happy Troye Sivan story (about him turning into a blond!), now ends with a scary incident that happened to the popular singer at his Airbnb rental.

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And it all started with a strange knock on his door at midnight…

Troye Sivan
Photo: Instagram

Troye Sivan, the 22-year-old openly gay Australian singer, is known around the world – so it’s not a surprise when strangers recognize him. But what they do NEXT, is the reason behind this weird story that Troye shared on Twitter.

“OK so there I was outside my Airbnb picking up my McDonald’s hot fudge sundae with extra hot fudge that I ordered”, Troye begins to write in a series of Tweets.

“But my UberEATS guy was lost so I was out there for like 5 mins and the guy who lives next door was outside too and looking at me sooo sus.

So I was like ?? But thought maybe he just was like wait that’s not my neighbour why he staying next to me?? Like thought I was a dodgy guy.

Then I got my sundae and went inside. This was at 10.30pm. I cleaned the house and got into bed n chilled. An hour passes and I’m sleepy and the doorbell rings ???? And I’m like who?? It’s 11.30pm.

I ignore it and then at like 11.45 it rings again 4 times. And then again at midnight and I’m seriously like spooked as fuck. But it’s not my house and like what could anyone possibly want from me at that time?? Like Wait till morning!! I’m trying to sleep.

It stops ringing and I go to sleep, but then this MORNING, I’m leaving the house and I find… Two little NOTES have been thrown over the gate.”

And indeed, someone named “Danny” left Troye two notes:

“Hi, I’m gay. This is my number for when you want to call me. You know I like you alot.”

“Maybe you’ve already seen me and I see you very often and I love you, very handsome baby”

At that point, Troye was terrified. “SIS what would he have done if I answered the door at MIDNIGHT alone??? Long story short I’m leaving the Airbnb TODAY.”

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