Bromances are a real thing (and no, we’re not talking about brojobs) – guys who, at least at first, are not in love. Sometimes they’re even straight – or at least this think of themselves as such. For one guy on Reddit, the bromance with his best friend became fierce and deep to the point of being toxic.

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Two Men - Bromance

“It’s been 7 years since we first met”, he writes. “I remember it vividly. You strolled into the office, a young man with no personality. As time went on, we forged a friendship that became an all-consuming part of my life.”

The effect you’ve had on my life has been unbelievable. You’ve made me doubt every single aspect of my being… You’ve made me happy, you’ve made me cry myself to sleep. I spend a large percentage of every day thinking about you, wishing how we could be…more, than what we are.

Bromance?I miss you all the time. Hell, I miss you even when you’re sitting next to me. Every time my phone rings, I always hope it’s you. When it isn’t you, I become unbearable towards those around me. I’ve put you before every single other person I have in my life. I put you on a pedestal, even though many others have warned me against you. I never listened.

There are times when I don’t know what I would be or do without you. Other times, my biggest regret is that we ever crossed paths. There are times when I am over the moon for your happiness and achievements. Other times, I resent you for everything you’ve done to me and all those times you unknowingly made me feel like shit.

I love you more than any other person I’ve ever met. Deep down, I think you’ve known this for a long time, and have successfully used it against me by taking me for a ride and using me for the only thing I’m good for – money.

You put up with me a few hours a month just to make sure I’m there if a financial emergency comes up. And I’ve put up with it for the longest time, and there have been countless times where I’ve wanted to tell you to fuck off. But I never succeeded. The best 2 days of 2015 for me were the ones we spent together on our break out of the country.

You are my best friend. You’re the best friend I’ve ever had. You’re the only person I feel safe and secure with. And at the same time, I hate you. I speak highly of you to everyone, when I know you’re a parasite. And every day, I wonder how it will all end. And most importantly, when.

When asked point blank about romantic feelings – the answer in inconclusive:

So, is this romantic love – or a different sort of deep human feelings?

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