Last weekend, the internet went crazy over a viral photo that showed Tom Holland, aka Spider-Man, staring (lovingly?) at Chris Pratt (aka Star-Lord). Well, Tom himself just broke the internet – by sharing that photo himself. With a heart on it.

Tom Holland spider-man
Photo: Marvel Studios


The photo was actually taken back in October, during Marvel Studios’ Cinematic Universe 10 Year Anniversary event in Atlanta, Georgia. The event brought together all the men and women involved in creating Marvel’s super-hero roster on the big screen, from the actors to the people behind the scenes.

The photos and videos from the event were released last week – which is how we got this adorable photo of 21-year-old Tom Holland staring – lovingly/admiringly/thirsty (you decide) at 38-year-old Chris Pratt.

During the weekend we even asked for some of your creative captions on our Facebook page:

Well, stop everything, because today – Tom Holland himself shared this version of the photo, with the caption: “The love is real” –

That’s it, we can close the internet for the day. But we’ll just remind you, that we’re also going to see these two hotties on the big screen, on Avengers: Infinity Wars, due to be released this coming May.

We’ll be waiting eagerly.