While Avengers: Infinity War is breaking all kinds of records, there are more important matters at hand: such as, which Chris would Tom Holland, and the rest of the Avengers men – would like to Fuck, Marry or Kill?

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Tom Holland and Chris Pratt
Photo: YouTube

Fuck / Marry / Kill is a famous game, where you have to pick – out of three celebrities – one you want to fuck, one you want to marry, and one you want to, well, kill.

At the Avengers: Infinity War première, IGN approached several of the male stars of the movie, and asked them to play the game – with the three Marvel Chris’s – Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans and Chris Pratt.

Most of the men were pretty coy. Tom Hiddleston (Loki) was unable to choose “The Best Chris”, Chris Pratt said he doesn’t like this game “Because it has the F word in it”, and Chris Hemsworth asked to change the word to “Make Love With”, or just “Hang With – because they’re all men and I’m married…” (Though later he asked to fuck himself – and marry Chris Pratt.)

Tom Holland avengers infinity war
Photo: Marvel

And so it went until they reached Tom Holland. Now, we already saw in the past that photo of a thirsty Tom looking at Chris Pratt. And the talk about their ongoing bromance. And so, Tom’s answers to the Fuck/Marry/Kill game were no surprise…

Fuck – Chris Hemsworth, Marry – Chris Pratt and Kill – Chris Evans.

The interviewer noted that Tom had that answer pretty prepared. “Yeah, probably a bit too prepared”, he replied. Hmm…

Watch it all right here: