Spider-Man: Homecoming is finally in theatres, and we can all go feast our eyes on Tom Holland. Meanwhile, the 20-year-old actor revealed in a radio interview a surprising ‘dating situations’ – poor Tom had a tinder account at some point, but it failed miserably… because of the pictures he used.

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Tom Holland
Photo: Deposit Photos / PopularImages

Tom was a guest on Kiss FM’s Breakfast Show, where he was asked, among other things, about things in dates that are a “deal breaker” for him. At that point, Tom revealed two painful confessions – he had very few dates up until now, and his Tinder profile was very unsuccessful.

“I actually had Tinder for a while. At the time you could only use Facebook pictures, and I never use my Facebook, so the only pictures of me from Facebook are from when I was like 12…

I used six pictures from my Facebook, forgot about my profile, I was liking all these people and wondering – why is no one liking me back? It looked like a fake profile…”

Now that he’s Spider-Man, we gather he won’t have much trouble finding dates…

Watch the full interview right here:

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