Tom Holland was in Japan this week, promoting – of course – Spider-Man: Homecoming. But one gets tired from all that marketing, so Tom found a great way to relax – a hot tub session, with his BFF Harrison Osterfield.

Tom Holland Harrison Osterfield hot tub
Photo: Instagram

21-year-old Tom and 20-year-old Harrison have been best friends for a while now (hey, we had a full item about it), with Harrison also serving as a production assistant on Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Maintaining Tom’s body (and Harrison’s for that matter) and those six-packs takes a lot of work, but today, Tom decided to give the gym a rest – and jumped into the tub instead.

The result? Judge for yourself:

But don’t worry, Tom spends enough time at the gym as well:

And while we’re at it, a reminder of the last time Tom and Harrison were in the water together – at the infinity pool in Singapore: