Spider-Man might get a bit lonely sometimes, having to keep his secret identity, well, secret – but the same is not true for Tom Holland, who seems to have plenty of buddies.

One of his closest friends, though, is fellow actor Harrison Osterfield – judging by their Instagram accounts, the two seem to spend A LOT of time together.

Lucky for us, both 21-year-old Tom Holland and 20-year-old Harrison are also very hot – and they rarely wear shirts when they’re together (at least on Instagram) – which gives us the perfect opportunity to gawk.

1. Tom and Harrison Having fun at the Infinity Pool in Singapore

2. No words

3. Everyone’s a winner

4. Another angle

5. He shoots, he scores

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6. OK They’re not shirtless in this one, but they’re so adorable, so we had to…

7. “Basketball Birthday”

8. Signing off