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What do you when your boyfriend is only willing to be the top – and you’re sick and tired of it? That’s what happened to this guy on Reddit, who was having serious issues with his long-time boyfriend.

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“I was seeing a guy for 3 years now and I always bottomed for him”, the man writes. “He didn’t want to be in a relationship with me because I had an average body and his was beefy because he works out.”

Already, not a very good start. But it gets worse, when it comes to their sex life:

He was also selfish in bed and he won’t give me head even after I asked him repeatedly , even though he does it with other guys. But I accepted all that because I had low self-esteem and I perceived him as being superior to me because of his body.

Since then I have been working out religiously and lifting weights and building muscle mass. My body looks nothing like we first met. I guess now I’m good enough to be his boyfriend and he started giving me head after I angrily told him that I won’t be having sex with him if he doesn’t do this simple thing that I shouldn’t even be asking for in the first place.

However I still bottom for him and I’m getting sick and tired of it and resentful because he won’t bottom for me. I told him to please do this for me because I just want to top sometimes.

He either threatens to block me or tell me we should be just friends, then I say fine I’ll just bottom for you, just to make things stable again. But every time the resentment builds up and today when we did it I didn’t even enjoy it and told him that I won’t bottom for him unless he gives up his ass for me or else we should just forget anal entirely and do oral since he is open to it now.

But he always says to me “I don’t want oral I want to fuck” and now I’m afraid he will go to a dating app to find a willing bottom for him. What should I do guys? I’m so sick of being an exclusive bottom.

Eventually, the problem sorted itself out, but is that a good or bad ending?

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