Being cheated on is never easy – especially when a good friend of yours is involved as well. That’s what happened to this guy on Reddit, who came to get things off his chest, and vent his anger. Warning: it’s an uneasy read.

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Man upset sad angry

“Fuck you. Plain simply fuck you”, he begins without hesitation, and goes on:

We were in a long distance gay relationship and everything felt great, things felt amazing, then you decided to crush everything when visiting a friend we had in common a country over. I gave you my full trust, and we even cracked casual jokes about sex and all, and then you fucking make those jokes a reality.

Remember how I’ve been struggling with anxiety and bad panic attacks over the past few months? Ever since I’ve cut communication with you two, I’ve now spiraled down into depression, wanting to end my life. While I may, and likely, have been down this path to begin with, thanks for speeding it up, thanks for bringing me all the way here.

I hope you enjoy knowing you took advantage of and used an anxious and depressed soul. I hope you take pleasure knowing you hurt someone close to you so deeply that they’re now tired of living.

And it’s hilarious and sad that neither of you two seem to be taking any form of responsibility from what I’ve heard from others. To the friend who cheated and was forced to tell me by another friend (thank you so much), thanks also for lying about what truly happened.

Tried to downplay it to not seem as bad, when will you ever learn that lying only gets you so far? Will you ever learn this? Ever? Clearly not if you cheated a second time within just a couple months of all of this happening. I seriously feel bad for your boyfriend who doesn’t know how horrible of a relationship he’s in. You’re going to mess him up badly, until he eventually can’t take anymore.

One final thing I want both of you to remember. Karma strikes back eventually.

It’s important to remember – when your boyfriend cheats on you, it feels like the end of the world, because you lose a relationship AND you lose trust with someone you cared about.

But it’s NOT the end of the world – you can and will move on, and eventually find someone else, who will be more worthy of your love and trust.