Some say there’s no need for labels anymore, while others swear by just being straight, or gay – or bisexual. And sometimes, things are just confusing – when one man at a party changes your whole perspective on sexuality.

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Two men at party
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This all happened to this guy on Reddit, who’s trying to make sense of his feelings. “Basically I thought that I’m straight my entire life”, he writes, “however yesterday I was at this party and met a guy…”

And that’s when things got complicated.

“He is fairly attractive and EXTREMELY intelligent in a way that I was very intimidated by him the whole time.

I got drunk and realized that chatting isn’t the only thing that I want to do with him tonight.

We have been talking for a couple of hours and I gotta admit, I have never been intellectually stimulated like that and just a sheer notion of him being so fucking smart turned me on to no end.

I didn’t know what to do with that situation, so apart from being a little flirtatious nothing happened from my end, at least at the time.

I “accidentally” found myself sharing a bed with him, I don’t know what I was thinking but just couldn’t get enough of this guy.

He fell asleep and I literally felt physical pain not being able to cuddle up with him, never experienced anything like that before.

Anyways my drunk ass gave in and I embraced him hoping that he wouldn’t wake up, he didn’t (or at least didn’t do anything with my arm) and it felt SO DAMN GOOD that I just wanted to stay like that forever.

When I woke up, still cuddled up with him I chickened out and just left. I don’t know what the fuck happened, don’t know what I want from him and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want anything from me but I’m pretty confused since I can’t stop thinking about him.”

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