Each year, the hot men of Instagram celebrate Christmas. While we already covered some of the hot men of Christmas past, now that Christmas 2015 has come and gone, let’s look back at some of the hottest celebratory men of this past Holiday.

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1. Such a pretty, shiny… tree

2. Even when it’s cold outside, some things can make us feel all warm inside


3. Why settle for one Holiday, when you can have two?


4. Why settle for one hot Santa, when you can have two?



5. Demonstrating once again, that sometimes – all you really need is a hat


6. It’s one of Santa’s little helpers! (Also known as Cameron Dallas)



7. Sometimes what’s UNDER the sock is just as important (at least when Tom Daley’s in the house)


8. Yes, that’s Justin Bieber celebrating Christmas. With his shirt ON, unfortunately


9. It’s the Jonas tree!


10. Beautiful guys, beautiful sweaters… That’s the holidays for you



11. We know what we want for NEXT Christmas…



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