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A great sendoff for Teen Wolf: Right about when MTV’s werewolf series was airing its last ever episode, Charlie Carver (Ethan on the show) decided to spoil us all with a nude outdoors photo.

Charlie Carver on Teen Wolf
Charlie Carver on Teen Wolf [Photo: MTV]

29-year-old Charlie Carver, who came out as gay last year, also played a gay werewolf on Teen Wolf, and this season had a relationship with Colton Haynes’ character. You might also remember him from Desperate Housewives.

Charlie spent some quality time at the San Jacinto National Park, and picked a spot to take all his clothes off. Gladly, someone was there to take a picture:

As long as he keeps travelling, and we keep getting photos like these – we’ll be pleased.

Update: Later in the year, he got naked again. This time with friends.