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The things you do when you’re promoting new songs (and soon – a new album) are sometimes… weird.

Hottie singer Shawn Mendes knows that all too well – he once had to sing a lullaby to a hedgehog, he once had to eat his most hated food (tomatoes), and the list goes on. But this week, while in Sweden, Shawn had to let a man sniff his armpits. In front of the camera, that is.

Shawn Mendes jamaica
Photo: Instagarm

Shawn Mendes, the popular Canadian superstar, is in Sweden these days, where he’s promoting his newest singles, “In My Blood” and “Lost in Japan.”

While there, Shawn’s been giving a lot of interviews – one of them to famous Swedish TV host Martin Björk. Martin had an interesting selection of “unique” questions for Shawn. Among them – “Who is your most ugly famous friend?” (“I’m not answering that.”)

And another one – “Which one of your body parts are you most proud of?” – Surprise! His ears.

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There’s also the question of things Shawn would NOT like to hear in bed… But the weirdest part comes near the end of the clip – when Martin asks Shawn to smell his armpit. Shawn says yes… and Martin is quite pleased.

Actually, we’re not really surprised.