Not all gay men necessarily know the taste of semen, but generally speaking there’s a good chance they do. Straight men, however, are a different story – and when a straight guy tasted his own semen for the first time – accidentally – it really drove him crazy.

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Man drinking tasting breakfast
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It all started when this guy on Reddit  was getting a blowjob from his girlfriend. It all went well, until…

“She normally would finish it off by swallowing, but it started creeping her out that she’s swallowing millions of little spermies.

So once I nutted she grabbed a half empty water bottle and spit the semen out into it and screwed the cap back on and set it on her nightstand.

We then went out to eat and came back to her dorm later in the night. Her and I fell asleep and in the middle of the night I was really thirsty. I had remembered I had my bottle of water on the nightstand, but had forgotten all about the mouthful of cum that was sitting inside the bottle.

I went and took a big swig and suddenly felt as if I was drinking thick, mucusy, salty snot. It was just then I realized what I had just done.

I immediately spit out the water/cum, but the stringy cum was stuck to my lower lip and I was shaking my head furiously to get it off.

I was yelling frantically and couldn’t believe what was happening. My brain was trying to catch up to the fact that I just took a swig of my own man juice.

My girlfriend woke up in a panic thinking I was dying or something because I was yelling and coughing/choking/heaving. When she went to turn the light on she saw me hunched over their tiny pink trash can dry heaving my brains out.

I was trying to get the taste of the cold, slimy, stringy cum out of my mouth as quickly as possible . When she saw the water bottle lying on the floor she immediately started laughing and rolling on the floor.

After that I told her I would never expect her to want me to finish in her mouth. Having that experience makes me wonder how some chicks could handle that.”

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