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Openly gay singer/songwriter Steve Grand often juggles between showing his musical skills, and showing his… muscles. Last night he was able to combine the two, singing on stage while stripping down to his [very revealing] footballer outfit.

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Steve Grand in his football gear

Steve was in Minneapolis last night, performing at the grand opening of the “Game Sports Bar“. With the place being a sports bar, his football gear was a perfect fit.

“Last night was a special, great time, and an even special-er, greater excuse to wear my football(ish) gear”, he wrote on Instagram:

But truly, since I was just a wee thot, my dream career has always been ‘go-go boy.”

So as a musician with the fierce, neoprene-clad heart of a stripper, I suppose I owe Olympic-hopeful bobsledder and Aussie rugby player, Simon Dunn, a ‘thank you’ for so presumptuously stripping me down mid performance to allow the go-go boy trapped inside me to live out his (forbidden) dreams.

In the rain. In front of a big crowd of AMAZING folks who came out to celebrate and experience an awesome show, despite the cold and rain. 

If you want to see (and hear) Steve up close, tonight [Saturday] he’ll be performing in Akron, Ohio.


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