Singer-songwriter Steve Grand is back with a very heartfelt video, discussing the “dark side” of his fame, and the mean criticism he had to endure after the release of his first original song “All American Boy“.

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Steve Grand
Photo: Instagram

“When I dropped my first original song and video 2.5 years ago, a lot of amazing things happened. Something I created was being shared and consumed by millions of people and I got to start traveling all over the country and since, the world, playing my original music for audiences in all kinds of venues.

But it wasn’t all peachy.

I have struggled with depression and anxiety most of my life, but the way I was allowing the personal attacks to get to me sunk me to profound lows.

It’s empowering to really feel that I could have the entire world hate me, and while still being able to look at and explore why they hate me, I could still decide at the end of the day, I am still a person deserving of love and compassion and joy in my life.

Having people say mean things about you on the internet, it does suck. But compared to everything else that I’ve been through all my life, it really does make if all feel kind of small.

I’ve been through some shit, I think a lot of people doubt that just by looking at me. We seem to make a lot of judgments and assumptions on people just by the way they present themselves, by the way that they look.

However, I think the attacks I faced on the level and intensity I faced them served as the final catalyst that lead me to this shift. So, thank you, critiques and mean people of the internet! 

Watch the entire video right here:

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