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1. Smallville

Tom Welling - Smallville
Photo: The CW

It started off so well – a young, cheeky version of Superman, with an interesting twist (Clark being best friends with Lex Luthor), and one, oh-so-hot, Tom Welling.

He was muscular – but with a twinkish face. He was good-hearted and strong, but with a dark (well, let’s say “mysterious”) side.

But the “freshness” was lost after about 4 seasons, and yet the series kept going on and on. And Welling was still hot, and he kept taking his shirt off (at least until around season 7, when he mysteriously stopped), and don’t even get me started on those Red Kryptonite episodes, where he would wear a leather coat and turn into a bad-boy.

Later on, we were also introduced to Oliver Quinn (the first CW Green Arrow), that showed us that blond hotness that was Justin Hartley (who took over shirtless duties from Welling), and all was well. All, except for the cheesy, boring plots. And the always-annoying Lana Lang.

So yes, I did stay on until the very last episode, which was mildly satisfying. Too bad Welling kind of disappeared along with it (except for his head, which, as it turns out, you can buy in china)

2. The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries - The Hunks
Photos: The CW

A series with a hunk for every taste. You like them blond and brooding? Paul Wesley’s there for you (he was never my favorite though). Like them teasingly sexy? Ian Somerhalder’s there. Prefer them buff and hunky? Steven R. McQueen was on the case.

That trio always filled the screen with male beauty, which helped me last 2 whole seasons until I gave up. The ever-repeating plots (AGAIN with the vampires disrupting a town meeting?), and the annoying teenage straight romance (would it have killed them to let McQueen kiss Somerhalder just once?!), made me quit eventually.

3. Prison Break

Wentworth Miller - Prison Break
Photo: 20th Century Fox Television

The first season was wonderful – fresh, suspenseful and even original here and there. Plus, it brought Wentworth Miller into our lives, one of the handsomest faces ever to grace our TV screens – along with a body to match (Though, it was covered with those silly prison tattoos).

Then, the show about a prison break was left – in season 2 – without a prison to break from, and it all went downhill from there. But Miller was STILL a hunk (and, as we later found out – also gay!), and I just couldn’t take my eyes off him, even if it meant following his silly escapades for 4 seasons.

4. Revolution

Graham Rogers - Revolution
Photo: NBC

Such a promising post-apocalyptic series when it started, with such big names behind it (J.J. Abrams along with Eric Kripke of Supernatural fame), it turned out to be so bad that it hurt.

But, at least, for a short while we could enjoy Danny (Graham Rogers), who was a cute, hunky blond with a puppy-dog face. Unfortunately, he (spoiler!) died pretty early on, and we were left with his unbearable sister, who was the worst TV daughter ever conceived, at least ever since Jack Bauer’s daughter got the hell out of our lives.

5. The Event

Jason Ritter - The Event
Photo: NBC

Not many people even remember this 2010 sci-fi series, which was not that bad, at least during its first episodes. But the main reason to keep watching was Jason Ritter – yes, the late John Ritter’s son.

It’s weird to think of him as a hunk, especially since he sometimes looks a bit too much like his comedic father – and yet, he was really good looking on The Event, and had far too little shirtless moments.

6. The Tudors

Jonathan Rhys Meyers - The Tudors
Photo: Showtime

I can’t really decide what my feelings are towards Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Yes, he’s often beautiful, yet sometimes he’s not. He’s a good actor, yet sometimes he’s not.

Which was exactly the case with The Tudors – this Henry VIII historical series was riveting in parts, then extremely boring, then interesting again, and vice versa. Yet Rhys Meyers was there to look at (though they did make him old and kind of ugly in later seasons), and – as an added bonus – Henry Cavill, the future Superman, was also there!

7. Dawson’s Creek

James Van Der Beek - Dawson's Creek
Photo: The WB

Some belong to the James Van Der Beek fan club (myself included), while others would go solely with Joshua Jackson (cute, but not enough) – whichever you choose, these two young beauties were, eventually, the main reason to keep watching a show that turned into a boring mess in its later seasons.

8. That 70’s Show

Ashton Kutcher - That 70s Show
Photo: 20th Century Fox Television

The show was a cute, funny series when it started. When it ended, it was slow, boring and mostly unfunny…

HOWEVER, Ashton Kutcher was there for the ride… and whether you like his antics or not, you can’t deny his boyishly good looks (accompanied by a hunky body). And yes, I was a Topher Grace fan as well… and even though we never got a kiss between Ashton and Topher, we did get a kiss between Topher and Joseph Gordon-Levitt!

9. American Odyssey

I have to admit – this is a show I HAVEN’T kept watching. I really tried, but gave up after the 5th or 6th episode. Nevertheless, the fact that I even reached that episode, was largely due to the new hunky revelation that is Jake Robinson. Just, please, for the love of god, get rid of that stupid hat!

Jake Robinson - American Odyssey
Photo: NBC


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