With so many leaked nudes out there, it feels like people should know better – but sometimes, in the heat of the moment, you agree to show your private parts.

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And for one unlucky guy, who KNEW he was being scammed but fell for it anyway – things got very scary very fast.

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It all happened to this guy on Reddit, who received a message from one of those endless fake “sexy” accounts on Facebook. He knew it was probably fake – but he thought he would be clever. It didn’t work.

“Usually I do one of two things”, he writes, “I either decline immediately, or I send them a stupid message like ‘hey secksy show bobs and vagene’. This time I opted for the latter of the two and I was surprised because I normally don’t get a response.”

But they did respond. And that’s when the trouble started.

“After they responded I considered just not responding or deleting them but for some reason decided to keep messaging.

They had the most horrendous English I had ever seen but I continued until they eventually asked to Skype. I wanted to see what was up and decided to Skype them.

They had the stereotypical fake video of some girl showing her tits and waving with no audio or anything, didn’t fool me.

Now here’s where I got stupid: For some odd reason when they badgered me to show my cock I said fuck it and whipped out my flaccid johnson for a couple seconds before ending the call.

30 seconds later I get the message telling me not to leave or they’ll send the recording to all my friends and I stopped reading there. I instantly realized the tremendous retardation I exhibited and panicked.

Within 20 minutes I blocked them, deleted my Skype account, blocked them on Facebook, hid my friends list and any and all details about myself on Facebook, my contact information, and changed my name and profile picture.

All I knew was that ‘she’ was fake. However, I didn’t know it was a scam. I completely forgot that this scam existed as I’m used to being anonymous on the internet.”

Oh, and kudos to some of the people on Reddit – as they seem to never give up. As the guy later added:

You people realize this is the sketchiest post to message someone asking for dick pics, right? I literally JUST fell for this trick.

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