When you’re as hot as Shawn Mendes, you probably need an ice bath every day just to keep it cool. Or maybe when you’re as sexy as Shawn Mendes, you need an ice bath to lower the… well, you get the point.

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Shawn took an ice bath, gasped and breathed like he’s having an orgasm, and we’re all here to watch.

Shawn Mendes ice bath

20-year-old Shawn Mendes is in the middle of his world tour these days – and recently opened the North American leg of the tour.

But when he’s not busy doing sexy underwear shoots, or getting all sweaty at the gym, Shawn takes the time to take his clothes off and step into an ice-cold (literally) bath.

Luckily for us, this was filmed and broadcast live on Instagram, as part of his ‘Fan Community’. And we’re doubly lucky because other fans saved the video. Enjoy:


Need we say more?

Here’s for all the ice baths of the future.