Seeing Shawn Mendes, the popular 19-year-old Canadian singer, without his shirt on – is not really something new. He takes it off a lot – and we’re thrilled about it.

But when photos of Shawn stripping backstage during his tour surfaced, the internet went into meltdown mode, because, well – Shawn Mendes stripping.

Shawn Mendes
Photo: YouTube

Truth be told, we were a bit hesitant on whether to promote these photos – after all, they were probably taken without his knowledge.

However, since he’s not naked, and they don’t show anything we haven’t seen in countless of his modelling photoshoots (that is – his incredible body) – these are basically standard paparazzi photos with a super-sexy shirtless Shawn in the middle.

These are the first two:

And another one:

Understandably, Shawn’s fans are super-excited, fainting all over Twitter and Instagram. We can relate.

h/t: GayTimes