Do you want your doctor to be a hunk? Some think it’s a big plus, some get a bit too… distracted. Whichever camp you’re on, you’re going to love Dr. Drew, and probably allow him to perform whatever procedure he wishes.

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Doctor Drew
Photos: Instagram

A few months ago we already covered his hunk of a boyfriend – who is ALSO a doctor – Dr. Nick the Radiologist. Yep, that’s two incredible handsome doctors in one family.

So this time, let’s have a look at Doctor Drew…

1. How come my doctors never look like that?

2. And a cat lover, of course

3. Flexing those muscles

4. Flexing some more

5. Doctors still have pagers?

6. About to save lives

7. With his boyfriend, Doctor Nick

8. A Doc and his Speedos

9. Fun at the beach

10. Daydreaming. We’re dreaming too right now

11. Had enough?

12. OK just one more

13. Over and out


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