Accounting is usually considered a somewhat-boring profession. Then again… you’re probably going to think very differently, once you meet Netherlands-based auditor Chris Berendse.

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Chris Berendse
Photos: Instagram

This year, we’ve already seen the world’s sexiest math teacher, Pietro Boselli. Now, get ready for the hottest accountant you’ve ever seen – Chris.

As you’ll see from his photos, he loves to exercise and take part in special tournaments, and we love to watch.


1. He loves to smile

2. And loves the beach

3. And sprinting

4. And rainbow power

5. Who’s cuter, Chris or the dog?

6. And a cat lover, of course

7. Sweaty fun

8. Yes, an accountant

9. My accountant does NOT look like that

10. “The morning after”

11. Convinced yet?

12. Over and out


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