On TV, doctors are often good looking – but that’s because they’re actually handsome actors. But in real life? Most doctors are far from handsome, unfortunately.

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Not so with Dr. Nick!

Nick M, who goes by the Instagram handle “nickmnu”, is a radiologist (that’s someone who looks into your soul – or in other words, checks x-rays), and a fitness buff, as his photos clearly show.

Go ahead and enjoy some of his best shots. You might need a doctor afterwards, and just be warned – he’s taken.

1. The Doctor’s In

2. “Doing Abs” – indeed

3. Fun at the pool


4. See – he’s a doctor!

5. Scrubbing is important

6. Of course – he’s also a cat lover

7. Oh, and his boyfriend? Also super-hot. And ALSO a doctor!


8. “Double Trouble”


9. Yeah, he’s also Batman

10. … With his Robin

11. Feeling the need for CPR yet?

12. That’ll do for now

h/t: WickedGayBlog

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