Sometimes, you find romance in the most unexpected places. You go out to dinner with your mom and two sisters, and you end up… giving your number to the hot waiter. And he actually calls back…

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That’s exactly what happened to this guy on Reddit, who dared to give the waiter his number – after some encouragement from his family – and it led to a VERY romantic date.

“I was out to eat with my mom and two sisters”, he writes, “and none of us could stop talking about how cute the waiter is. I noticed as he’s taking our orders he smiles and looks at me more than anyone else.

“I asked him what he thought I should try (I’ve never been there before) and he came around the table to lean OVER me and point at a bunch of different menu items.”

A promising start, indeed… and it gets even better:

“Later on when he came back with the food he gave me my plate last. Then he says ‘This one’s one of my favorites.’ and WINKS at me with a fucking gorgeous smile.

All my sisters can do is comment about how they think he likes me and trying to give me the confidence to say something.

I scribbled my number on a loose receipt my mom had and handed it to him as bravely as I could as we were leaving. I noticed he had that big beautiful smile when he opened it.

Maybe he was just flattered. Or maybe he’ll text me! Who knows! I feel amazing having put myself out there.”

And a bit later, the guy added…

“He texted me!!! We are going to get drinks tomorrow night after I get off of work! Hot damn!”

Worry not! Two days later, the guy came back with a happy update, and some more details about their eventual first date.

“We haven’t texted each other that much since the other day, a few questions here and there and a few photos. I texted him after my shift and asked if we were still on and heard nothing.

It raised a big red flag that he wasn’t answering so I sent him a message stating that I’d be waiting for him and would understand if he got cold feet.

As it turns out he was already at the bar waiting for me when I got there and had been sending me messages asking if I was standing HIM up. Stupid cell phone signal…”

To cut a long story short – they have a wonderful evening, and even ended up in the guy’s apartment for a “midnight snack” – but it was ONLY a snack, because both of them were “not looking for a hookup.”

“And now as I get ready for work he left my apartment a little over an hour ago. He wants to see me Monday night!! And we haven’t stopped texting each other since he left. I’m seriously the happiest man in the world right now! Holy shit!!!”

Sometimes, it pays off not to be shy. Even in a restaurant…