It is often said that the biggest bullies and homophobes do it out of some internal homophobia. Whatever the case, what do you do when that bully from school, who made your life miserable, suddenly calls years later? And… says he wants you in some way – but it all sounds a bit creepy?

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That’s what happened to this guy on Reddit, who got a message from his middle-school bully, after… ten years.

“A week ago, one of my middle school bullies messaged me on Facebook asking an irrelevant question”, he writes. “He asked if I still played a video game. I said ‘no’ and ignored the rest of the messages.”

But it didn’t stop there.

“He sends me a message a few days later, asking to teach him Overwatch and ends the sentence with a suggestive emoji.

I ask what his intentions are as he was a dick to me and made my life miserable.

He apologizes and says he wants to get to know me and hang out. Fast forward a few days later, he calls me and asks if I want to hang out tonight.

I declined and he sends me a message saying that there’s more to it. I told him I feel uneasy about this and I’d like to have an idea before meeting.

He calls me a few minutes later, claiming that he has always had a crush on me. But it’s so fucking puzzling because he hasn’t seen me in over a decade.

After we hang up, he says to send him a picture to keep him motivated. What the actual fuck. I feel like he has bad intentions.”

The commenters were quick to note this all sounds a bit creepy, suggesting he might have transitioned from being a bully to being obsessive.

This response said it all:

He (apparently) needs you… you don’t need him. Do not waiver in your position. If he shares some genuine, heart-to-heart thoughts with you, then continue conversing with him if you like.

Do not send him any photos, etc. Do not do anything that feels unbalanced.

Stay on your strong foundation… do not let this guy chip away at that unless he really shows he’s real. The work is all in his court… all you need to do is talk to him at your pleasure, and when it’s no longer pleasurable, then move on.

Plus, there is some reconciling that needs to happen too, I guess, since he was such an asshole to you in the past.

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