It’s hard to walk around a mall these days, without seeing men in beards and red costumes, giving out gifts to children.

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But it all went a bit south for a particular Santa Claus, when he accidentally gave children toys shaped liked… a penis.

Santa Clause holds penis shaped toy

The event was organised earlier this month by the Salvation Army, a Christian charity organisation, The Sun reports. A “Santa’s Grotto” was held at Somerset, a county in South West England, where children come to “Santa’s Cave” to interact with him and receive gifts.

But when the parents later opened their kids’ gift bags, they were surprised to find novelty elastic bands shaped like a penis.

The parents quickly took to Facebook, writing things like “What a balls up!”, “Must be a cock-up”, and – “If the kids are old enough to recognise what they are, they are too old to be visiting Santa anyway. No harm done :-).”

The Salvation Army issued an apology:

It has come to our attention that some children received inappropriate toys from Father Christmas at tonight’s ‘Santa’s Grotto’.

We are very sorry for this and will take this issue up with the Christmas Lights committee, who provide the toys for Father Christmas to distribute.

That said, we would like to thank Santa for his time.

Of course, some boys WANT to get such things from Santa – but they need to be much, much older.