When you’re renting, bad things happen right before rent inspection. But there are bad things, and then there’s… a piece of the wall falling off because you stuck your butt plug on it.

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Shocked man

The bizarre accident happened to this guy on Reddit, though – amazingly – he wasn’t even the first one. Three years ago, we wrote about yet another man, who broke his wall with a… dildo. So this time – it’s a butt plug.

Mind you – it wasn’t on the wall due to the way he, ehm, uses it. Hey, it’s a plug, not a dildo: “I wash and stick it to the tiled wall in our bathroom to dry”, he writes, “because it’s handy and it makes me laugh every time I walk into the bathroom.”

And that’s when things got messy:

“We have a rent inspection tomorrow so I pulled it off the wall to put it away and managed to rip the entire tile off the wall with it.

I’ve propped the tile back against the wall as best as I could and have shoved a plant pot in front of it to try and hide it.

The worst part is my Dad is a carpenter and I’m going to ask him to fix it but I don’t know how I’m supposed to explain how the tile fell off.

‘Hey Dad I pulled my butt plug off the wall and ripped the entire tile off in the process'”

And yes – there’s even a picture:


We hope he managed to pass the check…

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