Some of us spend most of our time, in these crazy lockdown days, eating and sitting in front of our TV. Ryan Phillippe, on the other hand – manages to look as hot as ever, with those abs still very much in place. What’s his secret?

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Ryan Phillippe lockdown abs
Photo: Instagram

If you’re a gay man of a certain age, you surely remember Ryan Phillippe from the ’90s, as he was the ultimate hunk in movies like Studio 54 and Cruel Intentions. In fact, Ryan himself said that… his butt made many men gay.

However, even at 45-years-old, Ryan is as sexy as ever – as he sometimes shows us, with his shirtless Instagram photos. So this time, we got a hot-and-sweaty Ryan – that’s what young people call a “Daddy” now, right?


Well, we certainly now know what HE did last summer…

Here’s hoping for better wetter days…

Mr man Taron